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Personal Calendar

The GPA Administrator application gives you the ability to schedule a variety of meetings and events using the built-in Calendar. To get started, click on the Calendar icon from the Navigation Bar at the top of your window.
In the Calendar module, you may browse your scheduled events (see Managing Categories and Events below for instructions on adding a new event to your calendar) by using the interactive Date Picker calendar in the panel on the right-hand side of your window. Also available are Today and Tomorrow links, as well as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly views.
You may also search your events by using the search box in the upper right-hand corner. Specify search keywords, then press "Enter" or click on the > button to perform your search.
To add an event, you must first add event categories.

Managing Event Categories

Begin by creating one or more categories to help organize the meetings and events you will be scheduling. To do so, click on the Categories link in the panel on the right-hand side of your window.
Add as many categories as you wish. For each one, enter the category name (e.g. Field Trips, Board Meetings, etc.), select a background color for the event (e.g. Clear, Yellow, Blue, etc.), then click on the Add Category button. Each category is shown. Click on the Edit link to edit the selected category. Click on the Delete link to delete the selected category.

Adding an Event

To add an event or meeting, click on the Add Event link in the panel on the right-hand side of your window. In the Add an Event form that appears, enter a Title, specify a Date, and select a Category for the event to be added. You may also specify a Time and a more detailed description of the event.
Be sure to click on the Add Event button to add your event or meeting.