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The GPA Administrator application provides a wide array of modules, all of which are accessible via the More icon in the Navigation Bar at the top of your window. In addition, the Navigation Bar may be customized to meet your needs (see Customizing the Navigation Bar below for more details).
To access any module, click on the Use Module link below the module name.

Customizing the Navigation Bar

The GPA Administrator application enables you to customize the Navigation Bar located at the top of your window.
To add a module from the set of Modules shown, click and drag the desired module onto the Navbar section on the right-hand side of your window. In particular, drag and drop the module into the rectangle containing the text "Drop Module Here."
Within the Navbar section, click and drag modules up or down to reorder them. Further, click on the Remove link to remove the selected module from the Navigation Bar altogether.
Be sure to click on the Save Navbar button to save your changes. Or click on the Reset Navbar button to restore your original settings.