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Using the GPA Administrator application, you can both view and add disciplinary records for students via the Discipline module. Begin by clicking on the Discipline icon from the Navigation Bar at the top of your window.
If you selected a student in another module, disciplinary records are shown for the given student.
Otherwise, you are required to search for a student. To do so, you may search via the Quick Student Search form, which enables you to search for students by Name (first or last) or by Student ID. Partial searches are also allowed, so you need only enter part of the name of the student you are looking for. Further, search keywords are case insensitive, meaning it does not matter if you enter upper or lowercase letters (e.g. searching for "jones" will find "Jones").
After entering your search keywords, press "Enter" or click the Search button to perform your search. If your search criteria result in multiple students, you will be shown a list of matching students. Click on the Select Student link corresponding to the student you would like to select from this list.
Note that the above search functionality is always available via the search box in the upper right-hand corner of your window.
Also note that you may always return to the selected student by clicking on the View Selected Student link in the panel on the right-hand side of your window.

Adding Disciplinary Records

To add a disciplinary record for the selected student, click on the Add a Record link in the right-hand side panel. Specify the Date (which is required), the Type of disciplinary action (e.g. Detention, Suspension, Expulsion, etc.), and an optional description.
Be sure to click on the Add Record button to add the disciplinary record.