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Setting Up Your School

A more up to date version of this guide is available at the Setup Guide Website >
Below is a quick outline to follow when setting up your school.

Data Migration

First, have our GPA Support team import your school data from your existing sources, such as classes, teachers, and students. Just e-mail your existing data to support@gpasoftware.com. The accepted formats include Excel, CSV, tabular data, and database formats. Alternatively, you may provide us access to your current school information system, and we will handle the data migration for you.
Second, Add any missing students, teachers, and classes that were not imported during the previous step. The goal is to get your school running on GPA Network quickly. Details such as parents, emergency contacts, demographics, and historical grade records can always be added later.
For elementary schools, make sure one elementary school class is added for each subject, even if students remain in the same classroom for the entire day. The Period determines the order in which classes are displayed on generated Report Cards. Each class is essentially a subject. Make sure to use Period 0: Attendance, as it avoids having to track attendance separately across all subjects.

Assign Students to Classes

After the data migration step, you need to Assign Students to Classes. You may Assign Students to Classes using the Classes module, or the Students module. See the help manual for details.

Provide Login Access to Teachers and Other Administrators

First, generate usernames and passwords for your staff using the Users module. Then, print the Usernames and Passwords lists for your teachers, and administrators. All users login from your school's GPA Network login url (e.g. https://xxxx.gpanetwork.com/).

Add Remaining Student Details

For each student, use the Students module to fill in any remaining data, such as Emergency Contacts, Parent information, demographics, and NCLB data.

Distribute Username and Passwords to Students and Parents

The last step is to generate username and passwords for students and parents, and then print and distribute them using the built-in letters. To do so, use the Users module. First Assign Usernames and Passwords. Then, print the Welcome Letters.
By now, your school should be up and running smoothly using GPA Network. If there are any feature requests, questions, or comments, feel free to open a support ticket.