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Welcome to GPA Software, Inc., providing enterprise Web software for school and classroom management. The GPA Administrator application helps school officials reach their administrative goals.
To get started, read on. Instructions describing how best to use GPA Administrator follow. Also note that Help pages are available from within the GPA Administrator application.
And thank you for selecting GPA Administrator and GPA Software, Inc, for your administrative needs!

Getting Started

A username and password is required to log in to the GPA Network. After entering your username and password, click the Login button to continue. If you forget your username or password, click the Forgot username or password link below the Login button, then follow the instructions. Also note that Web browser requirements are shown when you log in.
When you log in to the GPA Administrator application, you will first see the Navigation Bar at the top of your window. Always available, the Navigation Bar provides links to your personal calendar, the announcements module, an e-mail interface, the user administration tool, and online interactive reports of classes, teachers, and students, as well as student grades, attendance, and disciplinary records.

School and Term Selector

A Term represents a marking period, which might be a semester, a quarter, an entire school year, or whatever timeframe is required. In the middle of the window at the top of the Navigation Bar, the current school and term are shown. You may select a different term by clicking on the current term, then clicking on the Select link next to the term you'd like to select.
If you administer more than one school, click the CHANGE SCHOOL link beneath the term selection area to select another school or district.


In the upper right-hand corner of your window, you'll find the Reminders option. Click on Reminders, then click on Add a Reminder to add a personal reminder. Add as many as you need.
To delete a reminder, click on the Reminders option, then click on Delete for the reminder you'd like removed.
Like other components of the GPA Administrator application, you may move the Reminders window to a more convenient location on your screen. To do so, click on the title bar of the Reminders window and drag the window to its new location.

More Options

In the upper right-hand corner of your window, the More Options link provides a dropdown bar of additional options. Click on More Options, then click on Print to print the current page, Lock to lock your screen (requiring your password to unlock), Logout to log out of GPA Network, or Help to display online help pages.
To close the More Options dropdown, click on Hide at the top.
Clicking the More option (see below) allows you to customize the Navigation Bar by adding or removing modules (i.e. removing modules you do not need and adding those that you use often).
Edit the Navigation Bar options by clicking on the More option. To add a module, click and drag the Module onto the Navbar section on the right-hand side of your window. Within the Navbar section, click and drag modules up or down to reorder them. Further, click on Remove to remove the selected module from the Navigation Bar.
Be sure to click on the Save Navbar button to save your changes. Or click on the Reset Navbar to restore your original settings.