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About Emergency Notifications

The Emergency Notifications module allows you to send emergency messages to GPA Network users via SMS TXT messages, automated phone calls, and e-mail messages.
E-mail messages do not incur any charges. A Twilio account is not needed to send emergency notifications via e-mail.
The use of SMS TXT messages and phone calls requires the use of a Twilio account. All SMS messages and voice calls are made via your Twilio account. Your Twilio account must have a sufficient balance to send any messages or make calls. Twilio's current charges are pay-as-you-go, and cost $0.01 per txt message per recipient and $0.02 per minute per phone call. A Twilio phone number is also required, and costs $1 per month. Sales tax may also apply.

Twilio Account Setup

  1. Create a Free Trial account at Twilio.com
  2. Upgrade your Free Trial account to a Paid Account.
  3. From the Phone Numbers tab, use the Buy a Number wizard to purchase a phone number. A Twilio phone number is required for SMS TXT alerts.
  4. From the Phone Numbers tab, use the Add a Caller ID to activate your school's phone number for outgoing voice alerts.
  5. From the Dashboard tab, obtain your Account SID and Account Token.
If you need help, or encounter any issues, feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket.

Linking GPA Network with Twilio

Please open a support ticket with GPA Network Support to activate the voice and txt features of Emergency Notifications. Please provide your Twilio account's Phone Number, School Phone Number, Account SID, and Account Token.