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Getting Started

After logging into GPA Administrator, access the Grades module, and select a student.

Historical Grades

Historical grade records are used to import old grade records, and display the grades from courses students may have taken at other schools or colleges on transcripts.
To get started, select Historical Grades from the sidebar menu. Then under the heading Add a Historical Record, enter a school name, and choose the term type:
Next, click Continue. A popup will appear with options. First choose the desired School Year. Then use a row for each class, by specifying a Class Name. Use the drop-downs to select grades for each term, add Credits, and select the GPA Calculation method. If you run out of rows, just click on Add Another Row. Leave any extra rows blank.
When finished, click on Add Test Record. The new grade records will then appear:

Test Scores

Too add test scores, click on Test Scores in the sidebar menu. Then, under the heading Add a Test Score, select a test, and click Continue. A popup box will appear.
If the desired test does not appear, contact us so we can add it in for you.
Enter the test date, and the score for each section. You may omit scores for any section not taken.
When finished, click Add Test Record. The box will close, and the score will appear.