How GPA Network Works

A quick overview of GPA Network, and its components: GPA Administrator, GPA Teacher, GPA Student, and GPA Parent.

Introduction to GPA Administrator

Introduces GPA Administrator. Includes information on how-to use the user interface, and customize the navigation bar.

Setting Up Your School

A quick outline to follow when setting up your school.

Generating Report Cards

A quick guide on super-standards, standards, assignments, and report cards.

Historical Grade Records and Test Scores

A quick guide to inputting historical grade records (for transcripts), and test scores, such as ACT and SAT scores.

Emergency Notifications and Twilio

Set up a Twilio account and link it with GPA Network for easy voice alerts and SMS notifications.

Generate Student and Parent Address Labels

Quick how-to on exporting student and parent addresses in CSV/Excel format, and then importing into Word via mail merge to create labels.